How to Setup iATS Payments Integration

We’re now happy to offer integration with iATS Payments, a payment processor focused on non-profit organizations. Visit our blog post to find more information about them. If you are an iATS customer, you can enable the iATS integration and begin syncing any received payments from their platform, including their donation forms.

Enabling the Integration

On the Options page, click the Third Party Integrations tab, and then the iATS Payments option. On this screen, you will add your access token, which you will need to contact iATS support to receive. Enter the token in this box and press save.

Map Donation Forms and Define Default Settings

Once you’ve entered your Access Token, you will then need to create a “map” for each donation form. (For information on how to build Donation Forms within the iATS Deluxe Payments Platform, please see their help article here: While the data we receive from iATS includes information on the donor, their donation amount, etc. it does not indicate how to define the donation’s directed purpose, which fund, what solicitor, etc. We will need to create a Default map, and a map for each form. The mapping configuration can be found on the same page and looks like this:

First, let’s edit the Default Form. The editor looks like this:

This allows you to define how a new donor will be categorized when they are created within Donor Wrangler. The same page will let you define how donations and payments are categorized. These default settings will be used for every payment, aside from those that you create additional mappings for. For the default settings, we recommend making things as generic as possible.

Creating Additional Mappings: Once you’ve saved the default settings, proceed to setup additional mappings as needed. For example, if you have a Capital Campaign with a dedicated donation form in iATS, create a mapping for this same form in Donor Wrangler. The most important thing is to make sure the NAMES match. In iATS, look for the name of the form in the Form Settings area:

Use the same name when configuring your mapping:

Configure all of the donor, donation and payment settings, and you’re done!

Data will sync every morning, and donations from the previous day will be imported and mapped according to the rules you define on this page.

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