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Reassign Recurring Gifts to a New Form

If you’re taking advantage of the recurring gifts functionality of donation forms, you already know how convenient it is to capture sustaining gifts in support of your organization generally, or for a specific campaign. But what happens when you want to end a particular campaign, and want to stop updating and using the form that the recurring gift is associated with? Or what if you launch a new campaign and the donor wants their general gift to be in support of the new campaign instead? You may want to reassign the existing recurring gift.

The first step is to locate the donation in question on the donor’s profile. Click View to see the list of payments, and locate the next recurring payment that is due to be processed:

In the actions submenu next to the view button, click edit:

On the edit screen, you will see an option to reassign the payment to a new donation form.

As part of this process, a new donation entry will be created on the donor’s profile using today’s date, and otherwise filling in all of the information using the preset data from that donation form. In other words, the campaign, solicitor, fund, directed purpose, etc. that you’ve defined on the donation form page will be used to create a new donation with all of those settings. The pending payment will be moved to this new donation. On the next date that the payment is processed, the donor’s card will be charged like normal, but they will receive the thank you email from your newly assigned donation form.

Keep in mind the importance of transparency with your donors. It would be best practice for you to consult them before you reassign their recurring gift. They may not want to support the new campaign, and may just want to cancel the gift. Or perhaps they may prefer for their gifts to be used for general support rather than the new campaign. Whatever their wishes, you should be clear in your communications and actions to retain their support.

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