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Add a Campaign Thermometer (Progress Bar) to Donation Forms

When running a campaign with a target fundraising goal, it’s always a good idea to create a sense of urgency and provide clarity for how close you are to reaching your goal. As you get closer and closer, donors may be more motivated to help fill that gap if they see that you’re only a few percentage points away from reaching your goal! To help provide this sense of urgency, we’ve added a Campaign Thermometer (Progress Bar) option for donation forms. Follow along below to see how to enable it.

When setting up your form, at the bottom of theĀ Form Labels and Fields tab, you will find this option:

This will allow you to specify a campaign, target fundraising amount, and optional start and end dates. The system will calculate all gifts received for that campaign (whether through a donation form or offline) during the provided date range. (If no date range is set, it’ll total gifts received for the given campaign for all time.)

Next, to add the thermometer to your form, modify the Donation Page Landing text and use the Merge Fields button to add in the thermometer. You can also display the amount raised so far, and the target amount:

Finally, after you save your form messages, this is what you’ll see on your donation form page:

With that, you’re all set and ready to go! The thermometer will automatically update as you add in donations manually for those received offline, and every time a donor gives through the form.

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