Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of our customers simply pay the monthly subscription fee and nothing else. We do have some one-time costs that you may encounter. These are:

  • Initial Setup, Onboarding and Training Fee – As a new customer, if you will have us import your data from another system, we typically charge a one-time fee of $150 for this service. However, if you will not have us import your data, there is no fee to begin the service, and every organization is entitled to a training session utilizing screen sharing software after beginning their subscription.
  • Additional Import Fee – Organizations can perform one bulk-import of data per year at no cost. If you need additional imports of data, this will cost $50 per import.
  • Additional Live Training Fee – Every organization can have a one-and-a-half hour training session utilizing screen sharing software after they begin their subscription. In addition, organizations may have an additional 1 hour live training session once per year at no cost, usually in connection with the hiring of a new staff member who has not used Donor Wrangler before. However, if more than one live training session is required, a $50 fee will be charged for each additional training session.
  • Donation Form Customization Fee – If you have us make a large number of customizations to the appearance of your donation form, we may charge a one-time fee for this process. This fee will vary depending on how much tweaking is involved.

Aside from the one-time costs, there are a few add-on services that incur an extra monthly cost, if you enable them:

  • Marketing Emails – These are priced based on the number of emails you send during each month that the Marketing Emails service is active. Pricing is currently:
    • $25/month – Up to 10,000 sent emails
    • $35/month – Up to 15,000 sent emails
    • $40/month – Up to 20,000 sent emails
    • $45/month – Over 20,000 sent emails
  • Website Hosting – If your website is WordPress based, and you are not happy with your current provider, or are having issues, we can assist with hosting and routine maintenance. (Sites are hosted on a different server than the one that runs Donor Wrangler.) This service is available for $25/month. We also can build new websites. Contact us for more information.
  • Additional User Accounts – The “New” and “Standard” Donor Wrangler subscriptions include 5 user accounts for the base price. If you require additional user accounts beyond those 5, each additional user costs an extra $10/month.

Finally, for the Donation Forms, there is not an extra set monthly fee, but we do add what Stripe calls an “application fee” of 1%. This means that for each donation you collect through the Donation Forms, you will pay Stripe’s credit card processing fee AND a 1% fee to Donor Wrangler.

In most cases, yes! We’ve worked with our existing customers to migrate their data from a number of platforms, including CRMs not designed for non-profits, other donor management software, Quickbooks, and even a loose collection of Excel spreadsheets that needed reconciled. Whatever you’re currently using, we’ll work with you to get the data into Donor Wrangler once you’ve subscribed.

If you’ve taken the live demo for a spin and didn’t see the feature you were looking for, keep in mind that the demo account is somewhat limited in its functionality. If you set up a free trial, you will have full access to every feature.

Feel free to get in touch to ask for more information, including information about the features of Donor Wrangler.

No, Donor Wrangler runs through your browser, so it’s accessible anywhere and on any device. You can use any browser you wish, but we recommend Google Chrome.

Absolutely not! We upgrade Donor Wrangler fairly frequently, with every user receiving the changes. Upgrades can include entirely new features, bug fixes, improvements to the flow of data entry, new reports, and more. When an upgrade is released, you will receive an email notification outlining the changes and new features.

While we won’t make any promises, we will consider every feature request. If the feature is something that we feel everyone could use, for instance, we will likely develop it at no cost, unless you need it immediately. However, if the feature is highly specialized and something that only you will use, we will consider the request, but whether or not we proceed is up to our discretion. Please get in touch with your feature requests, and we’ll let you know what we can do.

Nope! Support is included with your monthly subscription. We prefer for all initial support requests to come  electronically (via email or built in support request forms in Donor Wrangler) if possible, as it’s much easier to reply with screenshots showing you what you’re looking for. However, you can also reach us by phone if need be.

We take all of the standard precautions, such as using strong, unique passwords for every Donor Wrangler installation, utilizing SSL, and frequently updating the software that powers the service. Backups are made 3 times daily, encrypted, and stored on a separate server. In the event of a total server failure, we can deploy a new server and restore backups within a day.

You also can backup your data at any time by running reports, including every column available, and exporting the data to CSV or XLS. Your data will never be held hostage by us.