Want More Press? 3 Tips for Media Outreach

We live in a busy, noisy world, which means non-profits are competing for attention more than ever. This reality means that nonprofit leaders need to be adept at media outreach, to rise above the crowd and garner positive attention. Here’s how they might work through these challenges: Master the basics: Develop a comprehensive communications plan ...

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Basics of Board Engagement: 10 Practical Tips

Exemplary board members are worth their weight in gold, especially for smaller organizations. When done right, board members can be your biggest cheerleaders and build some serious momentum. The paradigm has shifted in recent years when it comes to how boards are engaged and the level to which they are involved. Among other things, they ...

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How To Engage Older Donors and Volunteers

May is Older Americans Month. How much do you know about this graying population? Senior citizens are a significant demographic that cannot be ignored—they are often generous donors and volunteers. Just like any generation, they require specific tactics, messaging, and language to attract and retain their loyalty. Here’s what you should keep in mind: They ...

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5 Tips to Nail Your Next Facebook Video Campaign

Video as a marketing tool is the future. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2020, 80 percent of Internet traffic will be driven by video. Following are 5 ways to create effective and engaging Facebook video campaigns for your non-profit: Begin with the end in mind. Establishing a goal is the first order of business. ...

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