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We’ve used our non-profit experience to build features that are easy to use and that help you get the job done. Over the years, user feedback has helped us to fine-tune and improve these features even more. Our goal is to have a strong set of core features, thus reducing complexity and cost for you.

Donor Management

From the basics of recording your donor’s contact information to sorting donors using custom tags, you can easily keep track of and organize all of your donors.

Donation Tracking

Enter donations quickly and consistently with our donation entry tool. Effortlessly set up fundraising campaigns and donation pledges.

Report Generation

Create custom reports on your donors, donations, payments, interactions, and volunteer data with ease. All reports can be exported or saved for later.

Letters and Emails

Use our mail-merge style template editor to create as many letter templates as you need, whether it be to acknowledge received gifts or make a year-end appeal. Letters can be printed for mailing or emailed.

Donation Form Builder

Create secure donation forms that allow your donors to give one-time or ongoing, sustaining gifts. The information is entered directly into Donor Wrangler so you don’t have to spend time entering the gifts yourself.

Grant Management

Coordinate and manage your grant applications by creating workflows that involve multiple users, storing files. After a grant is awarded, log grant related expenses to make reporting easier.

Volunteer Management

Keep track of how many hours your volunteers have worked and create signup forms for special events with a large number of volunteer roles to fill.

Individual User Permissions

Collaborate with your staff, board, or other individuals by creating user accounts with defined permissions, letting you control exactly what each account can see and do.

Marketing Emails

Create and send attractive marketing emails to your donors, all while complying with the CAN SPAM act.


Create tasks for donors, donations, payments, or grants. Assign tasks to yourself or your colleagues so you can collaborate effectively.

Video Maker

Make your appeals and thank you messages pop with personalized videos.

There’s More to Explore:

Features beyond what are highlighted above include:

  • Change Logging – Every change made to donors, donations, payments and tasks are logged for 6 months so you can see who changed what and when. Changes can be undone if need be.
  • Regular Feature Updates – We regularly implement updates to our features to find solutions to new challenges our customers are facing and enhance their user experience.

Get Support–At No Extra Cost:

Unlike other platforms, you don’t pay extra for support. While email is the best way to reach us, you can also pick up the phone and give us a call. Reach us by going to the Contact page.

Fair pricing.

We know that non-profit budgets are tight--especially technology budgets. We provide you with a powerful tool at an affordable price, based on the size of your organization:



Base Service:

  • 1 user account
  • 100 donor records


  • Email Support Only
  • No video maker or grants module
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$25 /monthly

$270 /annually

Base Service:

  • 3 user accounts
  • 500 donor records
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$50 /monthly

$540 /annually

Base Service:

  • 5 user accounts
  • 10,000 donor records
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$100 /monthly

$1080 /annually

Base Service:

  • 10 user accounts
  • No donor limit


  • If more than 10 user accounts are needed, contact support.
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