Donation Form Builder


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Create Secure Donation Forms for Your Donors


Our Donation Forms utilize Stripe to securely process online donations from your donors. None of the credit card information is ever stored on our servers, just a customer ID that corresponds to the donor’s profile that is created for them in your Stripe account.

Donation Forms have a number of optional fields, such as the ability for the donor to choose to give anonymously, add a note to their donation, add an honorarium, and more.

Donors may also choose to cover the credit card transaction fees to allow you to receive their intended donation amount.

Donation Form links can be shared on any platform, including your website, social media, and newsletters.

Receive Ongoing, Sustaining Support


Easily create a sustaining gifts program by allowing your donor to give the same amount on a regular basis. Forms can even be configured so that there is not a one-time giving option, but rather, the donor is specifically signing up to give a set amount every month.


Product and Ticket Sales

Turn on Product/Sales mode to sell tickets to an event or fundraising items. It’s easy to set the price of each item, the limit on how many may be purchased and the quantity you have available.

Customers are given the options you made available. Sales of each item are then limited by what you have in stock.

Just like all other forms, product and ticket sales forms can be shared on any platform, including your website, social media, and newsletters.

Create Multiple Forms with Specific Messages and Tracking

Each form you create allows Donor Wrangler to capture and add the donor and donation information to the database in the manner you define. For example, you can have a general giving form, a form for monthly, sustaining gifts, and a form for a capital campaign. Each of these forms will have their own message shown on the landing page, and send unique thank you emails to the donors upon the completion of their donation.

Campaign Results & Thermometers

Show everyone how much has been achieved and what support is still needed by adding campaign results to your donation form messages. Your donation form can also include a campaign thermometer to help donors to see how their donation can contribute to the goal.

Create Personalized Forms for Group Fundraising

Build custom forms and messaging designed for each team member to make donation requests. Allow your team to work together to reach campaign goals. Unique messages and photos can be added to team member’s forms to give them a personal touch. Donors can also receive a direct thank you acknowledgement for their donation from the requesting team member.

Learn more about visualizing Group Fundraising results on the Donation Tracking page

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We also integrate with iATS Payments.

iATS Payments users are able to use forms that are built with the iATS form builder tool to capture all the donation information and update your Donor Wrangler database.

Forms that are built with Donor Wrangler’s donation form builder must link to the Donation Form. This allows us to ensure that the forms are within our secure environment. However, Donation Form pages can be customized to match the look and feel of your website.

Forms that are built with iATS Payments form builder tool are embeddable and the information collected can seamlessly update your Donor Wrangler database.

Donor Wrangler does not charge an additional monthly fee for using the donation form feature. All of the fees associated with donations collected through Donation Forms are included in the credit card processing fees listed below.

Below are the fees to be expected using Stripe with your Donor Wrangler account.*

Subscription Tier Stripe’s Rate Application Fee Total Rate
Free Tier 2.9% + 30¢ 2% 4.9% + 30¢
All Paid Tiers 2.9% + 30¢ 1% 3.9% + 30¢


All associated fees can be offset by generous donors who choose to cover the processing fees in addition to their donation as mentioned above.

*Credit card processing fees from Stripe may vary based on many factors.

Contact Stripe’s sales team to inquire about a non-profit discount. Consult the Stripe website for more information.

Yes, we can provide customizations to the form’s appearance. Many of the customizations can be done at no charge. If the changes you desire are extensive, there is a one-time fee that will be charged, depending on the level of customization you desire. Contact our support for more information.