Video Maker


Create and send personalized videos to your contacts!


Design Custom Videos

Connect with donors on a personal level by creating custom videos to send heartfelt appeals and sincere thank you messages using Donor Wrangler’s Video Maker module. Here you can upload your own video or record a new video to send to your donors.

Video Overlay

Further customize your videos with your organization’s branding and messages with a variety of overlay customizations available.

Connect Videos to Donors

Donor Wrangler lets you keep track of each communication you have with your donors, including videos. Videos can be connected to a specific donor or gift.

Remember which videos you have sent to each donor. Sent videos can be seen under the communication’s tab on the donor profile.


Send Your video

Donor Wrangler provides a variety of ways to send your video. You can download and send or share a link. Videos may also be downloaded and shared on your social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum upload size for videos on Donor Wrangler is 512MB. However, we feel that uploading a video file that is under 256 MB will yield the best results.