Balance your workload and work more efficiently by using Donor Wrangler’s productivity tool!



Set up tasks for yourself to accomplish or delegate to a team member to accomplish. Plus, see a change log to see the actions each team member has taken on the task. Add attachments associated with the task for everyone to easily access and reference.


Let’s say your non-profit hosts an annual gala event. There may be many things involved in the planning process. Guests need to be invited, food and entertainment need to be arranged, and a number of volunteers will need to be gathered. Create subtasks for these action items. Subtasks can be used to help organize larger tasks into manageable action items for yourself or team members to accomplish.

Recurring Tasks & Reminders

Some activities need to be done regularly. Use Tasks to help yourself and your team remember what needs to be accomplished. Tasks that need to be repeated on a regular basis can be set with deadline reminders for the assignee. You can even arrange for multiple reminders as your due date approaches.

Task Templates cane be created for workflow that needs repeated on a regular basis. See our help article on Using Task Templates for more information on how this will work for you.


Connect tasks to specific Donors or Grants as needed. By connecting a task to a specific donor or grant, it will not only help your team remember WHAT needs to be accomplished but also WHY it is being done.