Grant Management

This unique tool will help you to effectively manage all aspects of your grants from application to implementation.

Important Information, Front and Center

The most crucial information associated with a grant is easy to enter and see. Connect grants to donor profiles, and if the grant is awarded, connect it to the donation entry.

A screenshot showing tasks, assigned to different individuals, with multiple steps for completion

Use Tasks to Divide and Conquer

Grants aren’t always a one-person job. Collaborate with your team using tasks. Tasks can be created to help you break up each part of the application into smaller milestones with multiple subtasks. Each subtask can be assigned to a different team member, letting you stay organized and hold everyone accountable. Task templates allow you to create a workflow and reuse it for every grant.

Store Attachments Connected to the Grant

Stay organized by keeping all of the important attachments for a grant application in one place.

A screenshot showing several attachments connected to this grant opportunity
A screenshot showing expenses logged in connection with the grant.

Track Grant Related Expenses

Simplify reporting and verify your accounting records by logging the expenses connected with a grant’s funding in one central location. Expenses can be categorized and documentation, such as invoices or receipts, can be uploaded.

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