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Using Donor and Donation Presets

There are times when you wish to input a large amount of data. It may be because of gifts all received on the same day (such as at an event) or entering new donors who attended an event and gave for the first time. It is also common for you to launch a campaign and need to enter all gifts received for that campaign the same way over a long period of time. With those considerations in mind, Donor and Donation presets will help you.

Creating a Donation Preset

Presets are located in the upper right hand corner of the Donor or Donation edit screens:

To create a new preset, click the gear icon. That will bring up the following menu:

Within this dialog, you can choose whichever options apply for this preset. (If you need to create new list items, like a new campaign or new directed purpose, you must create it first via the Options page.) For example, in this instance, we’re going to create a preset that will help us enter all of the gifts received during our “Capital Campaign”. Once we’ve set the options satisfactorily, click Save.

Using Donation Presets

The new preset you made, alongside any other previously created presets, are immediately available for use. Select the preset from the dropdown:

Once selected, the donation or donor entry form immediately updates to load in the selected values for that preset:

You can now fill in any extra information that the preset does not cover.

Editing Donation Presets

If you need to change an existing preset, clicking the gear to bring up the dialog again. However, rather than leaving the New Gift Preset option selected, click the dropdown to bring up a list of existing presets:

Once you select an existing preset, you can then change its values and click save. NOTE: updating a preset’s options will not update any gifts that were already entered using this preset. They will keep their old values.

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