Marketing Emails – Your Legal Responsibilities

**When sending marketing emails, there are additional legal responsibilities that you have to comply with. This article seeks to outline the basics. Consult an attorney for legal advice.** The CAN SPAM Act The primary law affecting your organization will be the CAN SPAM act. A compliance guide to help understand your legal responsibilities can be ...

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GDPR, CCPA and Other Privacy Laws

Privacy laws are rapidly changing, with countries and individual states taking steps to more clearly define both an individual’s rights, and a company’s responsibilities when it comes to protecting a user’s data. Much is still in flux, but it’s a good idea for organizations to take steps to comply with the strictest of these laws, ...

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Consent Checkbox for Forms

If you have any forms that collect data on your website, you should have a consent checkbox as part of the form that requires the user to acknowledge they have accepted the terms under which you will be processing their data as outlined in your Privacy Policy. Adding a Consent Checkbox to Your Form Follow these ...

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Why You Need a Privacy Policy on Your Website

Many websites, by law, should have a Privacy Policy. (Consult an attorney to know for sure whether your site is required to have one or not.) Their purpose is to define for your visitors what data you collect, what you do with that data, and how long it is kept, among other things. What Data You Collect Basically ...

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