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Cancel a Recurring Donation

At times, a donor may wish to cancel their recurring donation. There are two options to complete this task:

Self-Serve Option for the Donor

The donor can cancel a recurring gift themselves. Every receipt email that is sent for the recurring payments contains a link at the bottom where they can cancel the next payment or update their payment method/amount:

If a donor uses this option, the successful payments will be retained, only the pending payments will be deleted.

Administrative Option

You as a Donor Wrangler user also have the ability to cancel the gift but keep the successful payment history by deleting only the pending payment. Go to the donor’s profile and identify the recurring gift. Once you find it, click the View button:

Then you will see the list of payments. Find the payment that is pending, and simply delete it to stop the system from processing the next scheduled payment. (Or in the case of a long-term pledge, you will need to delete each of the pending payments.)


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