Enable Chariot’s Donor Advised Funds

We are thrilled to announce that Donor Wrangler customers can now seamlessly accept Donor Advised Fund (DAF) donations. This is thanks to our new partnership with Chariot! This integration will help our customers tap into an estimated $234 BILLION of charitable assets available. For more information, please refer to this blog post. For information on how to enable Chariot’s Donor Advised Funds, read on for the activation steps.

Activating Chariot

On the options page, under Third Party Integrations, you’ll find a new tab for Donor Advised Funds. Entering your EIN begins the process of activation.

After you’ve entered your EIN, if you are not already a Chariot user, you will be prompted to enter further information about your organization: The organization name (that is, the “friendly name” that most people know your organization by), and the name of a point of contact, email, and phone number.

After submitting this data, you’re done! The integration is now activated, and you’ll see a message like this:

Enabling Chariot on Your Donation Forms

The next step is to edit the donation forms where you want to add Chariot as a payment option. Edit your donation form, and enable Chariot under the Form Settings tab.

Please note that Chariot will only be available on Standard mode donation forms. If recurring gifts are available, and the donor chooses a recurring gift, the Chariot option will be hidden. Chariot is intended only for one-time gifts. When a user is looking at the donation form, they will see this beneath the standard Stripe payment area:

Choosing the payment option lets them give through virtually any DAF account they have, and encourages boosting their giving with convenient buttons for increasing the size of the gift:

Finding and Viewing Gifts Made Through Chariot

Gifts made through Chariot are not immediate, as a check needs sent from the DAF to your organization. Thus, donations will appear on the donor’s profile as a pledge:

When you view the donation, and subsequently view the payment, you’ll see the reference number you can expect to see on the check when you receive it:

When you receive the check from the DAF, and want to match it to the donor in question, you can use the Upcoming Payments report. Enable the Payment Ref Number filter using the Change Filters button, and enter the reference number from the check into the search box. Then you’ll find the payment that you need to update with the actual date received:

That’s all there is to it! We hope you have been able to successfully enable Chariot’s Donor Advised Funds and that this new integration will help boost your fundraising efforts.

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