iATS Payments Partner Announcement

Here at Donor Wrangler, we pride ourselves on being a platform that is designed for non-profits, by non-profit professionals. That’s because we know the struggles of making existing tools work in a non-profit environment. It’s our goal to do everything we can to develop and use systems that are designed specifically for non-profits. That is why we are happy to announce a new partnership with iATS Payments.

About iATS Payments: 

iATS Payments by Deluxe is the only payment processing solution built and designed exclusively for nonprofits, by nonprofit and payment processing experts. iATS is trusted by over 16,000 nonprofits and has over 22 years of experience. But they bring a whole lot more to the table than just experience. In addition to the great benefits you already have when using Donor Wrangler, here’s what using iATS Payments can mean for you:

Easy-to-Use Payment Services

Save time, money and effort on your donation processing so you can focus on your mission.

Customizable Payment Tools

Securely accept payments wherever, whenever, and however you want to.

Frictionless Onboarding

Begin accepting payments in as little as 48 hours.

Donor Options

Accept one-time and recurring donations on all major credit cards

Experienced and Helpful Customer Care Team

Avoid the endless 1-800 loop and get the help you need.

Peace-of-Mind Advanced Security

As a PCI Level 1 certified payment processor, the safety and security of your donor’s data is iATS top priority.

Robust Reporting Options

Their powerful, web-based reporting portal offers a range of easy to use reports in online or exportable Excel formats.

Transparent Pricing

iATS offers a competitive, flat-rate pricing structure with no hidden fees which means no surprises.

  • No additional gateway fees
  • No premium card fees
  • No cross border or exchange fees
  • No support fees.


iATS Payment + Donor Wrangler = A Perfect Partnership

Now you see why we like them! iATS also has a form builder tool that allows users to create forms that can be embedded directly into your website! Plus, any form that you build and use with iATS can be connected to your Donor Wrangler account. This allows each donation submitted to automatically update your donor records, saving you the time of manually entering each donation.

Ready to make the switch to iATS as your new payment processor? Visit our iATS Payments Feature Page to learn more or Contact iATS for further details.

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