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Grants Module Overview

This article will outline how to make use of the Grants module and how it’s connected to other parts of the platform.

Grants Listing

Similar to the donors listing, the Grants listing lets you filter, sort, and search for the grants in the system. Add new grants using the button in the upper right.

Grants Editor

The editor has several main sections. The upper section is for the basics. As with other dropdown menus, you can customize these options to suit you:

Next, you set the Connections. Grants do not have to be connected to a Donor or Donation, but if the funder exists in the system already, you should connect the Grant to the Donor profile. Use the search button to open the lookup box, locate the profile, and set it. Once the Donor is set, Donations from their profile will load in for the dropdown. Typically, you wouldn’t set the Donation until the Grant was awarded.

The next section is for deadlines. We know that each funder is different, but we’ve provided fields to store some of the most common deadlines. Of course, the report fields won’t be needed until you are awarded the grant, and the Letter of Intent field may not apply. Any of them can be left blank if not needed.

After that comes the Financial information. You can store the funder’s award range, your intended ask amount, and the awarded amount if the grant is awarded.

The next section only appears if you have the Volunteer portal enabled. If the grant asks for you to collect and share information about volunteers, you can connect specific roles, as well as an optional date range, to this grant. Then on the view screen, the number of hours will be totaled and displayed. This can be useful for the grant application (to collect and share historic data) or for reporting on hours logged for the program that the grant funded.

The last section allows you to store notes, as well as information about the funder’s restrictions or intent.

Grants View

Once the grant has been added to the system, the Grant View page will allow you to add Interactions, Tasks, Attachments and Expenses. You can also view the Volunteer data (if set) and Change Log.

Grant Expenses

Expenses connected to the grant can be added to make reporting easier later, and, potentially, to double check your accounting records. Expenses can be categorized, and attachments (such as scans of the receipts) to support the expense can be added.

Grant Reports

Reports on grants can be run using the different dates as the date filters.

Grants Tab on Donor and Donation Profiles

Once a grant is connected to a donor or donation, it will appear on the new Grants tab in the connected donor’s profile.

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