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Creating Page Layouts

For information on how Page Layouts are used when generating letters, please refer to this article: How Letters Are Created

Generally, an organization will need just a few page layouts, and these are often set up for you during your on-boarding process, assuming you have data to import. However, occasionally you will need to make new layouts. This guide will provide you some basics on how to create layouts. In this scenario, we will create a new page layout that has our logo on the left hand side and place our contact information in the footer. To begin, go to the Letters page, and click on the Page Layouts tab. Click Add Page Layout to create our new layout.

At the top of the page, you’ll give your letterhead a name. We’ll call ours “Logo on the Right”. The Hidden? option should be set to No. Generally, you only set this to “Yes” if you will be retiring a design and don’t want it to show up in the dropdown options anymore.

Next, we’ll start designing our layout. For your convenience, some starting layouts are included. You’ll find these under the Merge Fields dropdown. Let’s select Logo on the Right.

That will result in the following:

The {$contents} variable represents the template text that will be filled in when you create a letter. The {$helper.logo} variable represents the logo image, if you’ve uploaded one on the Letter Settings tab on the Letters page. For this example, we’re going to remove this and replace it with a different logo that we’ve previously uploaded to the Image Library page. Delete the {$helper.logo} text and click the Insert Image button next to the Merge Fields dropdown. That will result in the following:

At this point, the main part of our Page Layout is complete. Now let’s set our margins. We only want half inch margins instead of the typical 3/4 inch, so let’s reduce the default setting.

Finally, need to create our footers. In order to edit the footer, we need to first enable it. The footer size can be adjusted in the same way as the margins. Then, in the Footer Contents box, we’ll type our contact information:

And with that, we’ve completed our Page Layout. Click Submit Data and you can immediately begin using the layout when creating letters.

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