New Feature - Group Fundraising
New Feature! – Group Fundraising

Nonprofit fundraising just got more exciting with Donor Wrangler’s latest update! Introducing – Group Fundraising.

Group Fundraising – What is it?

Group Fundraising is an option for donation forms that allows your team to work together to reach campaign goals. This feature allows you to use an existing donation form to create custom messaging, pictures, and goals for individual team members. Each member’s results are seen individually alongside the rest of the team.

How would we use this new feature?

Let’s say your organization has an upcoming campaign and every board member has been challenged to raise money towards the campaign goal. With Group Fundraising, any donation form can be customized for each board member. The donation form can include a picture of the board member with a personal appeal message from them. Maybe each board member wants to tell their story of why this cause is so important to them. Each board member would then have their own unique link that can be shared with potential donors on any platform they choose. When donations are made using their custom form, a thank you letter written by the board member is generated and sent to the donor.

Why use Group Fundraising?

The short answer: Because it makes fundraising fun! This new feature makes it easy to organize fundraising challenges and work as a team. Allowing team members to include their own messaging adds a personal touch to each appeal. We know that personal appeals are the most impactful and therefore the most valuable to your organization. Check out this article about the response that a personal touch can generate.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this new feature to our customers and we hope it brings excitement to your next fundraising campaign. Learn more about how Group Fundraising works with Donation Forms. Also, check out how Donor Wrangler helps you to you see campaign results on the Donation Tracking page.

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