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For non-profits, fostering strong donor relationships is at the heart of achieving your mission. Donors are the lifeblood of your organization, providing the resources you need to make a positive impact on the world. While that annual fundraising letter holds its place, research suggests a more strategic approach: creating multiple, unique touchpoints throughout the year. Let’s explore why these touchpoints are crucial and how they can foster long-term donor engagement.

The Power of Connection: More Than Just Asking

Imagine a friend who only reaches out when they need something. It wouldn’t be a very fulfilling relationship, would it? Donors are similar. While fundraising is essential, focusing solely on the “ask” can feel transactional.

Multiple touchpoints can be like having regular updates with a friend. They allow you to build a connection. By consistently informing, inspiring, and thanking your donors, you show them the impact of their contributions. This fosters a sense of community and strengthens their belief in your cause.

How Many Touches Does it Take?

There is no magic number of touchpoints that will produce the desired results. However, many suggest that it can take anywhere from seven to twelve touches before a donor decides to actively support a cause. Choose a variety of touchpoints to make the greatest impact. Here are a few examples to choose from:

  • Email Updates. Share success stories, highlight upcoming events or express gratitude for past donations.
  • Social Media. Highlight the work you are doing through engaging social posts. Be available to answer questions through comments and direct messaging.
  • Personalized Greetings. Personal messages about special events in the donor’s life are a great way to connect with them and show that you care. Keeping good records of important dates and relationships will help you to do this. Consider sending personalized emails, handwritten thank-you notes, or even video messages to add a special touch.
  • Event Invitations. Involve donors in special events that make them feel included and appreciated. Consider inviting them to free events like a thank you reception. Depending on the work you do, maybe donors would appreciate a behind the scenes tour.
  • Impact Reports. Demonstrate the tangible results of their contribution through clear and compelling data.

Remember: Variety is key! Don’t bombard your donors with the same message, or style of touchpoint, repeatedly.

Tailoring the Touchpoints: A Donor-Centric Approach

Not all donors are created equal. Segment your email lists and tailor your touchpoints to different giving levels and interests. For instance, major donors might appreciate exclusive briefings, while smaller donors might respond well to social media campaigns.

By personalizing your approach, you demonstrate that you value each individual’s contribution.

Building Lasting Support

Multiple touchpoints are an investment in your donor relationships. By consistently connecting, informing, and expressing gratitude, you create a community of engaged supporters who are more likely to give again and again.

Remember: Strong relationships are a two-way street. Listen to your donors’ feedback, address their concerns, and show them the lasting impact they can make through your organization.

Donor Wrangler allows you to log interactions with each donor, allowing you to keep track of each touchpoint. Each communication you send through our system can be customized for every donor, helping you to give each touch a personal flair. Learn more about how to use these tools and more in our Features page.

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