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Website Hosting with Donor Wrangler

Donor Wrangler offers website hosting for our customer’s sites, allowing you to take advantage of the same great customer service and support you already enjoy from us.

Website Hosting Prerequisites:

  • You must submit your website to us for a review before we agree to host it.
  • We prefer to work with WordPress websites, but can work with any PHP-based content management system. We cannot host any website that is not powered by PHP (or plain HTML).
  • We must be provided with an administrative login for the website’s administrative panel, and this login must remain active for as long as we host the website.
  • If we determine that the site contains potentially risky plugins or code, the code/plugin must be removed before it is transferred to our servers.
  • No illicit, illegal, or copyright infringing content can be included.
  • You must have control of your domain and be able to make changes to its settings so that it points to our servers.

What is Included:

  • No limits on bandwidth, but a limit of 20GB of storage for files stored on our servers
  • Free SSL certificate (IE, the “green lock”, https URL instead of http)
  • Database backups made three times daily, encrypted and stored offsite with Amazon S3. Database backups are retained for at least 30 days. Backups older than 30 days are periodically deleted.
  • File backups made nightly, stored offsite with Amazon S3. Files backups are retained only for 7 days.
  • Server operating system security updates applied automatically.
  • Content Management System (IE WordPress and its plugins) updates made at least monthly.
  • Transactional email service to process and send any website-generated emails (IE contact form submissions), ensuring a higher rate of deliverability.
  • Restoration, in the event of server failure, within 48 hours.

What is NOT Included:

  • Development of new/custom features for your website, content entry/management. – While we are happy to help with things such as setting up Donation Forms to integrate with Donor Wrangler, we cannot assist you with managing your website’s content or creating custom features/pages/designs as part of the monthly hosting fee. Custom development may be requested, and if we are able to help, we will create a separate development proposal that will outline expectations and costs for you.
  • Resolving Conflicts/Problems Caused by 3rd Party Plugins. – If your website is misbehaving or failing to load, we will provide troubleshooting help with any issues related to our servers. However, if problems are determined to be connected to the code of the website/web application or a third party plugin that the site is using, we will only be able to disable the plugin/code in question and restore the site so that it will load. Thereafter, if necessary, we will create a separate development proposal that will outline a cost and process to restore whatever functionality was disabled.
  • Compliance and Legal Advice Relating to Privacy, Americans with Disabilities Act, or Other Laws. – We can provide you with information and best practices, but ultimately your organization is responsible to do what is needed in order to comply with any applicable laws.
  • Domain Name Renewal/Purchasing – Your organization is responsible for your domain name (IE You must purchase your domain name and ensure that it is renewed annually through a 3rd party registrar.

Website Hosting Pricing:

  • Transferring your website and providing assistance with configuring your DNS settings to point to our servers once the website transfer is complete is a one-time fee of $100.
  • Thereafter, website hosting is $25/month. It may be paid for monthly or annually with a 10% discount.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us so we can provide you with more information.

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