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Using Task Templates

Task Templates can be used for any workflow that needs repeated on a regular basis. For example, you may have specific workflow for welcoming new donors, or for providing information for planned giving. Whatever the workflow, Task Templates can help. They can be found on a tab on the Tasks page:

A template consists of the same information as a normal task, except it does not have a due date or connections to donors or donations. When you create a new task, simply give it a title, set the category, assignee, reminder days and notes.

Once the task template is ready, you can create Subtasks, if needed. Once the template is ready, you can create an actual task using the template:

At this point the edit screen will allow you to set a due date for the task and change any other fields you need to change. Furthermore, each of the subtasks will appear below the main task. Subtasks, if not needed, can be deleted using the trashcan icon:

This flexibility allows you to create a standard workflow, but then quickly and easily remove things that don’t apply in every situation. We hope you’ll make use of task templates to standardize and streamline processes!

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