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Modifying the Version Text for a Letter

For information on how Version Text is used when generating letters, please refer to this article: How Letters Are Created

Sometimes you may wish to add special note to a donor’s thank you letter. Rather than editing the master template, you can instead edit a specific, generated letter on a donor’s profile. This option is found on both the donor’s profile, as well as the main letters page. You can find it by clicking the dropdown option next to the View button, and selecting Edit.

Once the page loads, you’ll see the letter with the default text as dictated by the Letter Template:

Any changes you make to this letter will only be reflected on it. The main Letter Template will remain unaffected. Let’s add a personal note about running into Joshua yesterday:

Now if we click Save Letter we will see that the customized Version Text has been applied:

Note that once customized Version Text has been created, any changes to the main Letter Template, these will NOT be applied to this specific letter. To reset the letter so that it receives the changes to the master letter template, click the dropdown arrow next to the View button, choose Edit, and click the Delete Customized Version Text button (shown 2 screenshots up).

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