Donor Management: Made Easy.

We understand. If you can’t effectively track, you can’t retain existing donors, let alone cultivate new ones. We spent years working for not-for-profit organizations. After endless frustration with existing donor management platforms, we decided to build our own.

Why Donor Wrangler?

Designed for non-profits by non-profit professionals, Donor Wrangler

is designed to help you achieve your fundraising goals and better

manage your donors.

Easy to Use

Donor Wrangler was developed from the ground up by non-profit professionals, and thoroughly tested by non-profit organizations prior to launch. The end result is a product that’s easy to understand, easy to navigate, and frustration free!

Increased Efficiency

Maintaining multiple systems is a drain to your time and energy. Donor Wrangler empowers organizations to streamline their tracking efforts and consolidate donor management into a single platform. No more extra spreadsheets.

Powerful Reports

Reporting helps organizations to gauge expectations, and direct attention to the areas that will produce results. With Donor Wrangler, you can quickly run the reports you need. Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF or CSV.

Clearly Defined User Roles

Donor Wrangler provides the right number of users for your organization’s size. Each user can be given specific roles and access rights, ensuring they can focus on the work that is important to them.

Strong core features.

We want to ensure that the central functions of donor management are our biggest strengths. Thus, we’ve focused on making sure that your main responsibilities are as easy to care for as possible:

Extra features with value.

While our core features are our primary focus, that doesn’t mean that Donor Wrangler is limited to those main tasks. We’ve worked with our customers to develop additional features so that you can use one tool for the majority of your work.

Online Donation Forms
Marketing Emails
Volunteer Management
Individual User Permissions

Fair pricing.

We know that non-profit budgets are tight--especially technology budgets. We provide you with a powerful tool at an affordable price, based on the size of your organization:



Base Service:

  • 1 user account
  • 100 donor records


  • Email Support Only
  • No video maker or grants module
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$25 /monthly

$270 /annually

Base Service:

  • 3 user accounts
  • 500 donor records
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$50 /monthly

$540 /annually

Base Service:

  • 5 user accounts
  • 10,000 donor records
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$100 /monthly

$1080 /annually

Base Service:

  • 10 user accounts
  • No donor limit


  • If more than 10 user accounts are needed, contact support.
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