Overcoming Roadblocks to Nonprofit Success: Funding

As you seek to grow your organization, the challenge of securing funding can become an ongoing challenge. Your organization needs consistent funding in order to cover operating costs, program expenses, and staff salaries. Sometimes the options appear limited, but there are several strategies that can help your organization to face this challenge.

Diversify Revenue Streams

Relying solely on one source for funding can be risky. If that source decides to pull back support or cease to exist, your organization can be stuck in a tough position. However, exploring diverse revenue streams will give your organization financial stability. Some options include seeking grants from various foundations or cultivating corporate sponsorships.

Develop a Strong Case for Support

Clearly identify your organization’s mission, impact and value to your funders. Current and future donors should understand the impact that their contribution is making. Show everyone how their support will make a tangible difference in the community and align with their philanthropic goals.

Cultivate Relationships with Donors

Maintaining strong relationships with donors by expressing gratitude for their gifts and maintaining regular communication will build continued support for your cause. When donors feel valued and engaged, they will be motivated to contribute more to your organization. Engaged donors will also talk to their friends and family about their experience. This word-of-mouth marketing can help attract new donors and expand your network.

Pursue Grant Opportunities

Securing grants can help your nonprofit organization to expand its operations, launch new projects and sustain existing programs. Successfully securing grants can also enhance your nonprofit’s credibility and reputation. Grant funding demonstrates that other organizations see your work and potential. This validation can attract new funding opportunities and collaborations with government agencies and other like-minded nonprofits.

Collaborate and Form Partnerships

Partnering with other organizations allows nonprofits to pool together resources, expertise and networks. By joining forces with other organizations, you can access additional funding and engage individuals who may not have been reached otherwise. In working together, you can expand your impact and reach new funding sources.

Focus on Efficiency and Sustainability

When funding is limited, you will need to maximize the use of the funding you already have. Therefore, you must continue to look for cost-effective operating solutions. Regularly assess your programs and operations to identify areas of potential cost savings. You may find that your organization is paying more for something than it needs to. Find ways to streamline processes and engage volunteers in order to stretch your limited resources further.

Consider Cost Saving Tools

A powerful donor management program can help you to track your funding and to use your resources efficiently. Donor Wrangler is an easy to use platform designed by nonprofit professionals to manage donor information. With Donor Wrangler, you can track donations, manage grant applications and track volunteers. You can also create and send engagement letters or emails. All of these features are available in one place, saving you time and money so your organization can focus on your mission.

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