Announcement: New Pricing!

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. We care about each of the non-profits that we work with and want to do our part in supporting their missions. We know that many non-profits who are just starting out and operating on tight budgets could really benefit from and grow by using Donor Wrangler. So, here’s the question: How can we make Donor Wrangler available to any non-profit that could benefit from it? The answer: Change our pricing.

We have now launched our new pricing plan! While some of the subscription levels may look familiar, we have made a few key adjustments. The most exciting change is that we have added a new, more affordable subscription level. That new subscription level is “FREE”! That’s right, $0/month! This free subscription level (called Startup) is specifically designed to be of benefit to new and smaller non-profits with limited donor records, and likely, limited resources. This is our way of supporting you and helping you get started on the right foot. We believe that as your organization is in its infancy, it’s important to have all the tools you need available to you so you can focus more time on your organization’s mission and less time trying to cobble together other resources to manage all your information. With that in mind, we have chosen to make most of Donor Wrangler’s features available for you to use at the Startup subscription level with only a few limitations. You can learn more about what this new subscription level has to offer on our updated Pricing Page.

As we reviewed our pricing structure, we also decided to simplify the minimum qualifications for each subscription level. The result has been that some existing customers now qualify for a reduced subscription fee! If you are an existing customer and now qualify for a lower priced or free subscription, you will need to go to your Manage Account page and opt-in since that adjustment could result in a change to features that you may currently be using.

Seeing the non-profits that we work with grow and make a real difference has been inspiring to us. We hope that our company’s changes can make it easier for your organization to accomplish your mission. Thank you all for your hard work in supporting causes that benefit our communities.

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