Collecting Online Donations – Streamlined for Success!

In today’s digital age, technology has changed the way nonprofits connect with supporters and raise funds. One of the most important things that every nonprofit will want to make accessible to its donors is online donations. The ability to make online donations is not just to provide convenience to your donors. It can also provide your organization with the opportunity to streamline your reporting and information gathering processes.

This really leaves you with two options. You can have a standalone payment processor to take in donations. Or you can make use of an integration between your donor management software and your payment processor. Let’s consider the differences.

Standalone Donation Processing

There are many payment processors that are well known and easy to start using. However, they also may come with some disadvantages:

  • Many payment processors advertise low rates but tack on additional charges and fees which add up to less money for your organization.
  • Taking in donations with a processor that does not integrate with your donor management software can create extra work. Someone will need to take all the payment information and manually input the data into your database. This takes time and leaves room for mistakes.
  • Many standalone payment processors do not have the ability to create forms that match your organization’s branding. Donors may become hesitant, or even scared off, by being redirected to a page that does not match your home page.
  • Most payment processors are designed with businesses in mind first, not non-profits. This can mean that their customer service is not equipped to properly address the needs of your non-profit organization.

Integrated Donation Processing

The alternative is a payment processor that integrates seamlessly with your donor management software. Consider the following benefits:

  • Save time and effort. When your payment processor and donor management software are integrated, the payment and donor information can seamlessly update your donor records. This allows you to spend more time focused on your mission.
  • A well-designed integrated payment processor can provide forms to be used on your website or to match your branding. This creates peace of mind for your donors.
  • Using a payment processor that is designed for non-profits means that their customer service will understand your needs and be better equipped to help you.
  • Many integrated payment processors offer transparent rates that are just as good as other payment processors.
  • Donors can choose to cover processing fees. That leaves your organization with all the money that your donor intended for you to receive.

The Clear Choice

Undoubtedly, if your goal is to take in online donations in a manner that is streamlined for your success, you need a payment processor that can integrate with your donor management software. We always recommend that you work with companies who understand nonprofits and their needs. That is why we have teamed up with iATS Payments to integrate with Donor Wrangler’s software.

Learn more about Donor Wrangler’s Donation Forms here. You can also learn about Donor Wrangler’s integration with iATS here or by requesting info directly from iATS Payments.

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