Easy to Use Donor Management Software

Donor Management:

Made Easy.

We understand. If you can’t effectively track, you can’t retain existing donors, let alone develop new ones. We spent years working for not-for-profit organizations. After endless frustration with existing donor management platforms, we decided to build our own.

Meet Donor Wrangler.

Easy to Use

Donor Wrangler was designed with your needs in mind, and tested by non-profit organizations. The end result is a product that’s easy to understand, easy to navigate, and frustration free!

Clearly Defined User Roles

While other software may charge per user or only provide a single account, Donor Wrangler provides the right number of users for your organization’s size. Each user can be given specific roles and access rights, ensuring they can focus on the work that is important to them.

Increase Efficiency

Maintaining multiple systems is a drain to your time and energy. Donor Wrangler empowers organizations to streamline their tracking efforts and consolidate donor management into a single platform. No more extra spreadsheets.

Simple, Powerful Reports

Reporting is important for any organization to guage expectations, directing efforts towards the areas that will produce results. With Donor Wrangler, you can generate the reports you want quickly. Reports can be easily exported to Excel, PDF or CSV.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

See Donor Wrangler in action. Click to try our hassle free live demo. No need to call or provide your email address.

Start Your Free Trial

Start your free 14 day trial to see every feature in action.

No credit card is required until you’re ready to subscribe. Yet another way we make it easy.


$25 / Month

Suited for organizations that:

  • Are less than 6 years old
  • AND have receipts less than $50,000 (IE: file a 990-N)
  • Will need no more than 5 user accounts


$50 / Month

Suited for organizations that:

  • Are 6 or more years old
  • OR have receipts greater than $50,000 (IE: file any other type of 990)
  • Will need no more than 5 user accounts
  • Have no more than 10,000 donor records


$100+ / Month

Suited for organizations that:

  • Are well established
  • No check on filing status
  • Will need more than 5 user accounts
  • Have more than 10,000 donor records

Pricing is determined based on your database size. Contact us for a quote.

Coming from Another Platform?

We understand that change can be difficult, but we try to make it as easy as possible. If you’re switching to Donor Wrangler from another piece of donor management software, we can help! Data can be imported from most other programs, from Quickbooks, or from Excel spreadsheets of your own design. While we do not import data for the free trial, we highly recommend using the trial as a proving ground to ensure that all of the features you want and need are present. Once you’re satisfied and ready to sign up, we’ll do the legwork to import the data from your old platform into Donor Wrangler. Sign up for the trial, above, to get started! Still have questions? Get in touch with us below.